Cordia Henley

September 6, 1910-January 2, 2006

Miss Cordie’s Last Mile

At 94 years of age the gates of Heaven loom tall before her each day.  She speaks of death and the glory of her souls final resting place.  As she walks this “last mile” she describes cutting corners along the way, attempting to make her beautiful dream a reality.  She seeks now the end of the long traveled road of life, where she can finally rest within the loving arms of her Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ.  As she draws nearer her final reward in heaven her description of the closed gates becomes more awesome, with each passing day.  She prays she’ll find them open soon so she can walk within and hear Jesus say, “Welcome Home, good and faithful servant.”  

 Oh, what a wonderful sight to behold those golden gates, embedded with beautiful stones. She has pictured them so many times in her dreams.  In her mind’s eye she sees diamonds, emeralds, rubies and many other precious stones.  They increase in beauty each day those gates which stand between her and the final resting place of her eternal soul.  Behind those gates her Father, God awaits.  He is her beginning, and soon she prays her end.  Her steps grow shorter and slower with each passing day, until they are no more.  For this she prays and waits, impatiently.  She asks her Father, “How long must I delay?  Answer me I pray.”  Softly in the silence she hears Him say, “In my time Cordie will I call you home.  It is then that you shall pass between the open gates of Heaven, and your journey in life shall be no more.”  So, for now she is content to wait for God to open the door of the golden gates, where her eternal peace awaits.


                                                                                                                         Nadine M. Riggs