About the author: Nadine M. Riggs

Nadine has been happily married for 21 years to Harold W. Riggs, they have three children; Jennifer Fletcher, Kristen , and Jeremy Riggs.  They have one granchild Coltyn Garrison who is 2 years of age, and full of life.  Nadine and her family live in a rural area of Virginia Beach, Virginia, and they are members of Bethel United Methodist Church.  Nadine has been writing Christian poetry since the age of ten, and has published several in anthologies.  This is her first full length fiction novel which was written by her over a two week time period while sitting with a sick friiend in a rehabilitation center.  She reports laughingly, it took longer to type it then to write it.  She states that if God gave it to her in 2 weeks, and made sure it was accepted by the first Christian publisher she sent it to, then God will also make sure it is read.

The idea for this book came from multiple sources over a number of years, and it all came together while sitting at the bedside of Mrs. Cordia Henley.  I was intending on writing either a poem, or a short story and it sort of exploded into a 268 page book.  The words poured out onto the pages so fast my pen could hardly keep up with my thoughts, this book was meant to be.  It tells the story of a young Christian who is afraid to testify to non-believers about his faith in Jesus Christ, and how Jesus teaches him witness without fear in the judgement line.

Life’s Blessings

 Life’s blessings are not always what they seem.  An event that brings about unwanted change in one’s life is often viewed as a curse at first because it brings to an end an era in one’s life.  As human beings we ask God why He allowed this to happen to us?  Did we do something to anger Him that He would allow us to fall so hard?  We do not know what the creator has in store for us.  His wisdom He does not share, so like petulant children we sit and cry about the unfairness of life.  As we get further away from that bump in the road; or what I refer to as the leap of faith, the going gets less rough and we begin to see the creation of a new more amazing dream.  It is then we understand that our Father in heaven always knows what is best.  Even when we think He has left us we turn and find Him right by our side, guiding our daily lives.  When we stop to listen we find that He always had a plan for us, it is simply that we were too involved in the moment to understand what He was attempting to tell us all along.  

 God blesses us with change it is not a punishment but merely a u-turn, which guides us right back into His loving arms, where I always want to remain.  Life is an adventure, and God is the solid rock that keeps our feet on the ground, and our heads out of the clouds.  If we take ourselves too seriously we fail to enjoy the precious gifts in life that God has given us.  What a waste of life, and love, for as Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly”
(John 10:10. NKJ)


                                                                                           Nadine M. Riggs