The Judgement Line
A Christian's Greatest Challenge
by Nadine M. Riggs

"Tommy didn't expect it to be like this. At such a young age, he never expected to face death nor his sins until later in life. Now, face-to-face with the Father, he quickly sees that he is not prepared for this day. Uncertain as to what he'll say, Tommy listens to what those around him confess. One told of his mission work, of helping others in foreign lands, another of her achievements as a movie actress and how fame and fortune had allowed her to donate to charity.

 Inching closer to the throne, Tommy is seized by panic and is tempted to turn and run, but where? He knows there is no place to hide from God. Tommy soon realizes that no one escapes the final judgment. Is Tommy ready? He has no choice, for he's next in The Judgment Line."

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My Dream

I close my eyes, I sleep, I dream.
“Of what did I dream?” you ask.  I
dreamt of being an Apostle of Christ.
But, which should I be?  The one who
Betrayed Him, that’s Judas, not me.
The one who loved him so that he denied
Him at His time of glory, not once but
thrice.  That’s Peter, I am not he.

 “But whom?” you ask. Surely not doubting
Thomas, Oh no, I believe.  I am not a
fisher of men, and to me nothing has been
revealed, so John I cannot be.  In my
dream I was there at His trial, His death,
and yes at the glory of His resurrection.
But, one of the twelve I was not, I was part
of the multitude that has since come and
continues to expand in the celebration of God’s
never-ending love for man.  My name is man,
and I am an Apostle of Christ.

Nadine M. Riggs